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Fifth thing I learned at Worldcon: be very careful when you check e-mail and voicemail and IM from a convention.

The two hours (and more) disappeared in a cloud of interruptions from home and other places. And Max returned at just the wrong time; I was a bit frustrated. But it all worked out okay.

We watched the Masquerade from the comfort of the aforementioned Mended Drum. A lot of Novice entries. This is refreshing to see, particularly at a Worldcon. Given the presence of Terry Pratchett, there were many Discworld-related entries. Some of them quite amusing and interesting. The video coverage was excellent; best I'd seen in a long time.

Between the presentations and the awarding of prizes, the 'half time' entertainment consisted of Charles Ross doing his One Man Star Wars show. Quite impressive. Actually more entertaining than the originals, at this point. :)

Masquerades at worldcons are always protracted affairs. Holding them on Sundays appears to be a bit of a mistake too. I'm not entirely convinced of it, but I begin to be persuaded (by others) that holding the Masquerade on Saturday and the Hugo awards ceremony on Sunday would be far preferable. One side effect of a Masquerade show that runs past midnight on Sunday night is that the crowd trickles out. This means that the parties never really get a major rush that encourages them to stay open later. Couple this with the fact that many people running parties are likely to be packing up and heading out on Monday, and this made (at Noreascon4 at least) the Sunday night parties a bit disappointing. I did manage to get my pre-support in for Montreal's 2009 Worldcon bid. If you hadn't heard about it, don't be surprised; it was hatched in the hotel bar on Friday.

Sleeeeeep. Well, after the parties and stuff like that.

(There are pictures of worldcon here)

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