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fourth - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2004 Sep 11


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Fourth thing I learned at Worldcon: 30 years is both a long time, and a short time.

Sunday, and an earlier wake up than I'd probably have liked. But that's a convention for you! While Max went off on his family visiting, I went down and helped Vince Roth into the battlesuit he wears/wore in the feature length movie he's been working on: Surge of Power. Vince is a good guy, definitely easy on the eyes and with a definite drive to see his project to succeed. Was fun to be his "—sidekick du jour—". Got to stand around with thim while he promoted a screening of the movie at the convention.

Unfortunately (in one respect), I couldn't actually watch it, as I had a prior appointment. And a very special and wonderful one it was. The remarriage/rededication of Esther and Walter. Two very good people I'm glad to call my friends. It was a nice ceremony; kept accessible to those of us not sharing the faith, but filled with the rich symbolism nonetheless. I have some pictures of the event (posted with permission).

Sunday's dinner event was a bit smaller, and, since the members largely knew each other more directly, it was more organised. Our goal was also made easier by the presence of the food court. With reasonable choices for eating, too.

After dinner, I needed a bit of a nap. I figured I had a couple of hours before the start of the Masquerade. The Universe thought otherwise.

(There are pictures of worldcon here)

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