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Third thing I learned at Worldcon: The more things change, the more they echo the past.

Saturday I ran into Pooka and Sharkie and somehow ended up in the SFWA Emergency Medical Fund auction. Always a fun time, even though this is one of the years that I was unable to purchase anything. I suppose here I have to snicker at Keith Decandido and his ability to skillfully drop items without damaging them. Much.

I then went off to poke through the Art Show. It was a typically large Worldcon art show, but it didn't really resonate strongly with me. Many of the pieces I'd seen. While many of the ones that I hadn't yet seen were very nicely executed, and composed, and were good pieces, very few of them actually connected with me. This may have had a fair amount to do with the seesaw moods I've been going through the last while.

There's nothing quite like a feeling of total and utter isolation washing over you as you prowl through the common fan areas at a Worldcon where you really aren't alone but surrounded by 6000 other fans who are generally not really Bad People.

Regardless of that, I did make one purchase in the dealers room that day. A video tape of Do You Have A License To Save This Planet. Finding that, and at such a reasonable price, was a bit of a good thing.

One of the regular staples at Worldcons I attend (and often at other conventions, too) is the Mass Dinner. This usually involves one or more of the usual culprits (largely remaining nameless (so as to protect the guilty), but include at random times: Josepha Sherman, Esther Friesner, Laura Anne Gilman) and a supporting cast of thousands. The usual idea is meeting in the lobby and proceeding to descend —en masse— on a local restaurant.

Sometimes it works out well, and sometimes... it doesn't. Saturday's attempt was less successful than most. The place decided on was a very seafood-heavy restaurant that didn't really have sufficient seating, even at adjacent tables. So... it was basically: gather at the lobby. Swarm up the street. Get split into several tables at different removes from each other. THen have a quarter of the party decide they can't really find anything to eat at the restaurant anyways and head off elsewhere. After some of the ordering has been done already. Heck, I'm not a seafood person, and I did okay there. Bah. Even so, we made the best of it.

"Xerps in 2010", Queer Fandom, and Albacon ran particularly attractive parties on Saturday night. For various reasons. Many people ask why we don't do the League of Evil Geniuses parties every night of a con. There are a couple of reasons:

  • running the party is rather a lot of work
  • running the party is rather expensive
  • we like going to parties ourselves.

Late late late in the evening, Max shows up. He came up from New York to visit family, drop in at Worldcon and visit with me a bit. Max is cool. Was very nice to see him, tired as I was at that point.

(There are pictures of worldcon here)

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