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second - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2004 Sep 11


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Second thing I learned at Worldcon: don't take a taxi from the grocery store to the party hotel after buying a whackload of stuff for the festivities.

The driver we had was entirely unhelpful and inattentive. He exterted himself to pop the trunk open from his seat, but that was about the extent of his usefulness. At the other end, he managed to not stop the meter and also not help unload until the front doorman managed to cajole him into it. In doing so, however, the driver (intentionally, I suspect), managed to crush a bag of the plastic glasses purchased for the party with one of the cases of wine. Ooops. well, that cost him not only the non-tip he was going to get, but a good portion of the fare as well. More patois ensued between the hotel staff and the driver. Meanwhile, we scurried off to do party prep.

When I'm at a con where there's an Evil Geniuses party, I'm always involved in set up and usually in teardown as well. Fortunately, there's actually a bit of a science to it. We know how each other works, and what we'll do. It's never —trivial—, though. There's always something (abnormal room shape or size, wall covering restrictions by the hotel, limited available time to do setup, corkage concerns... always something or other).

Rather than using sticky putty/blue tac/whatever to mount the Hall of Fame images on the walls, we used masking tape. This works fine, except that you have to create 4 rolled pieces of tape for each poster. There are currently 84 members of the Evil Genius Hall of Fame. With other items that have to go up (ID required for alcohol sign, etc), there's close to 100 items to go on the walls. 100 times 4 is a very long time spend creating these little rolled bits of masking tape. Solution? roll the tape into a long, spiraling cylinder (based on a handy hotel pen). Then you can use scissors to cut them into the required length and create 20 or so at a time. Much more efficient. Guess what I ended up doing? :)

After the set up, I went off for a dinner and prolonged discussion with </a></a>zyxwvut. It was a most interesting time and useful discussion. The food was reasonably good, too. Not too terribly fancy, but quite acceptable. We had a bit of a discussion as to whether or not the staff had a real choice whether to affect SFnal elements for the duration of the convention. Several of the staff had amusing elements (vulcan ear, etc.). The slightly cynical scenes regarding Chachki's Flare from Office Space featured heavily.

From there, we did the party circuit. Friday is one of the primary party times, and there were quite a number in full force. Aside from the bid parties (vying for the 2007 Worldcon location), there were a couple of parties that particularly stood out (though all that I saw were fun in one way or another). One was the SFF net party, featuring Pan Galactic Gargleblasters (or so the flyers ambitiously claimed). The other was... not too surprisingly... the League of Evil Geniuses party.

The party usually goes quite well. Much discussion of the merits of various members of the Hall of Fame, and nominations for new ones. The GoH for the con (Terry Pratchett) did swing by and had a very good time, and heartily cast The Vote for adding the Patrician. The Mayor from Buffy (not the Mayor of Townsville!) was another frequent mention. There are several new evil geniuses proceeding through the nomination process for the next iteration of the party.

At the end of the party, </a></a>zyxwvut and I performed our Noble Deed for the Day by escorting </a></a>laroberouge through the Prudential Center to her hotel. It was a very late hour and even though the mall is largely secure, she felt better for the accompaniment. And we were quite happy to provide it. She had neat things to talk about.

Then, sleeeeep... But, as it's a con, not as much of it as is probably good for a body.

(There are pictures of worldcon here)

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Date:2004 Sep 11 - 01:16 (UTC)
The League Representin' the PVP! Glad to see Scratch Fury on there. I'd like to see Don Karnage, but he doesn't quite qualify as Evil Genius, alas.

Good to see you tonight, too!