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2004 Sep 11


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Well, worldcon has come and gone, and I had a rather good time, over all. Lots of things to report on, very few if any of them earthshattering.

First thing I learned at Worldcon: don't take a taxi from Logan.

With airport and tunnel fees adding almost USD7 to the fare, it's insane to get the few miles it is to downtown hotels, especially the Copley Place Marriott where I was. USD32 including the (somewhat smaller than normal) tip.

Terry Pratchett was the Writer Guest of Honour this year. As a result, the convention spaces had a somewhat discworld-like flavour to them. Including The Mended Drum, a nice watering hole that ended up a good meeting place and common fan area.

While it's not on the level of the Philadelphia convention center, the Hynes convention center paid its own homage to the fascist monumental style as well.

Met up with many people (duh). Including Thomas Atkinson, dressed first as The Doctor, and later on in a role I've seen him in before: Jedi. I think it was improved from the last time, though. Much coolness as </a></a>bovil], </a></a>kproche, Thomas and a few others closed down the Mended Drum on Thursday (see? I told you it was a good place to hang out).

Friday entailled helping </a></a>bovil and </a></a>kproche get ready for the </a></a>loeg (League of Evil Geniuses) party. Along the way, I ran into </a></a>zyxwvut, a nice surprise, as we'd only made arrangements to hang out a bit later in the day. As usual at a con, everyone's always running everywhere, so many of the meetings were "in passing".

(There are pictures of worldcon here)

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