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--slight sigh-- I like Sinfest, too. yeah

The weekend was kinda fun. The pics are pretty much all from the movie shoot going on next door. I got some short (and of dubious merit) video as well: 1 2 3.

Last night's paintball was a bit more painful than usual. I left my proper shoes at home, and had to borrow a pair of Bil's. His feet are a size smaller than I. Ouchie.

Got to talk to </a></strong></a>kishorwolf last evening after paintball. This is good. I'd been trying to get in touch with him for a while to plan some things for my visit down thataway. Have to plan a bit ahead with that woofie.

Oh, and today's big news. Blah. The fan for the air conditioner compressor unit outside died. On one of the few warm and icky days we've had this year. Blah. So today, instead of doing the things I wanted to (and need to), I got to take the thing apart and start looking for a replacement. Ah well. At least meanwhile, we can keep a little cooler (and certainly remove some of the humidity) with an old in-window unit. The heat should only last a few days, and it shouldn't be all that bad by some standards.

But. I. Don't. Like. Humidity.

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