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Paintball today wasn't quite as exciting as it might have been. This didn't have much to do with anything outside of my body. Yesterday I stopped into the doctor's cause I'd had this insect bite that had gotten redder and I assumed was infected. He noted it as an abcess, and gave me a 'script for Cipro (yes, there's a specific reason for choosing Cipro). Cipro's not a problem for me. I've taken it many times; it works really well to help (with the aid of other drugs) my Crohns when it decides to flare (which hasn't really happened too much recently, thankfully).

This time, however, the dose is double my previously normal dose, and it makes me fairly tired and at very random brief intervals a little woozy. Not incapacitatingly so, but makes playing a high focus, fast-paced sport like 3 man speedball a little... tricky. So mostly I ref'd and watched and did drills. At my stage of involvement in the game, those are all still good things to do.

The tiredness and my current otherwise blah-ish mood have caused a few quick dips. I'm thinking about starting the St John's Wort again to see if that helps. I certainly don't need any further hits to my job-searching motivation.

Also ended up taking the bike into the shop yesterday too. Need the rear wheel replaced. Not sure at all how it happened, but it wasn't in very happy shape. Ah well, the bicycle is an important too at the moment, so it gets some lurve.

A couple of conversations in the last day or two have provoked some further thoughts, and may lead to some Mode changes to deal with this blah phase and the related causes. More vagueness about it later, perhaps.

Two weeks until Worldcon! Two and a half until I'm in the LA area again. That'll be nice. Especially if certain individuals are available.

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