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kidled - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2004 Aug 17


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Okay, as of last Friday I can finally say that I'm hooked on Freefall.

Hmmm, this AvP review sort of gels why I'm not likely to see it outside of when-it-gets-to-TV-or-equivalent. Rotten Tomatoes is usually a modest barometer of movies (though it does sometimes disagree with my own views quite significantly).

More than one of you will probably enjoy this. Or, more directly this. Or even more directly these: 1 2 3 4.

Not too pleased with a few things happening at the moment. Or perhaps not-happening is a better term. Definitely time for another round of behavioural observation.

Continuing on from an earlier entry... I have found at least one thing is good about promises. They give you a precise contingency to plan for! This saves time and is quite helpful.

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Date:2004 Aug 17 - 14:21 (UTC)
Russ may or may not be away this weekend. Either way, let's make plans, either there or here. So long as you're still free that is.
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Date:2004 Aug 17 - 15:09 (UTC)
Well, I've just been waiting for you to appear on-line or in IM and talk to me...


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Date:2004 Aug 17 - 18:58 (UTC)
Freefall is quite the clever comic, I like it alot for that reason.