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2004 Aug 10


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Been a little while since the last update. But hmmm, it's been a quiet summer. This is a good thing.

However, it's not been *completely* without incident. Been doing a certain amount of cycling. Last week's paintball session ended in a few more welts than usual. But I think I am finally getting the Eyes for the field and such.

At home... some very minor rearranging of furniture. </a></strong></a>berner seems pleased with the new desk he's got now, and I have a bit more room. Shuffled and reorganised. A bit simpler, but many wouldn't notice much of a difference. :D

Also last week, I rebuilt a couple of notebooks. One's a reasonable P2-300 ThinkPad I'm now going to use as backup mail/name server for my domains. Lower power consumption and heat than the current backup and more than enough computing power for the job.

The other is my old old notebook (Omnibook 800CT, with a P133 CPU), which I put a 40GB drive into. W00t. It's a nice moderate 11"x7.5" mp3 player/portable hard drive/portable mail/chat terminal for me now. Very nifty. And worth obsessing over the undocumented sound and video components for Linux. AH.... I remember then P133 was quite a nice piece of hardware.

Another new patch for Eve is in. Already the corp's complaining about the "nerf". Whatever. It's balancing, guys. But many people like getting used to a system the way it is and where the tricks are. An evolving system bothers them a bit. I'd say, if that's what they want, go play a static deployment like ET or Warcraft, or something.

One thing that I've been watching again is Fraggle Rock. Quite a wonderful show, actually. There's a few levels buried in it, and its fun to watch, too. You can come across some nuggets of wisdom (or something), too...

I'm always here I'm never there I'm never ever anywhere Excepting here 'Cause here is where I'm in

But when I go From here to there My here comes with me every where 'til there is here And here is where I've been.

Wembley Fraggle
(1.02: Wembley and the Gorgs)

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Date:2004 Aug 10 - 22:06 (UTC)


"Listen to Convincing John..."

Grah. Flashbacks!


P.S.: Have you gotten any text messages from me? I am beginning to suspect that my phone only sends SMSes to fellow Sprint people, and is awful about the interface (the part that would *TELL* you this).

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Date:2004 Aug 10 - 22:11 (UTC)
Fraggles have hidden depths. And an internal mythology and all manner of other things.

No SMS messages received. :/ Maybe fall back to the call-me-call-back approach?