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sideline - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2004 Jul 22


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Date:2004 Jul 23 - 06:57 (UTC)
You're very charitable.

I actually ran across him online last night and we chatted. I did not bring up his intended visit this weekend to see how he would bring up his not visiting.

He didn't. Instead, he mentioned needing to go idle to pack for the event he's really going to this weekend. So it definitely looks like it just fell out of his mind when this other event became a possibility.

I'm still glad I found out ahead of time, and could find something else interesting to do. The repetition of this bothers me some.


Date:2004 Jul 23 - 07:34 (UTC)
Perhaps I am. It's good to give people the benefit of the doubt.
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Date:2004 Jul 23 - 08:44 (UTC)
I try to be too. First few times, it's an annoyance, but no real issue. Real Life happens to people, things change, etc. etc.

Excessive repetition of a pattern without significant alteration eventually becomes more of a problem. --shrugs-- I've now gone on about it in excess of what I needed to. F.I.D.O.


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Date:2004 Jul 23 - 09:50 (UTC)
*grunts* Sounds familiar, coming from a particular person in mind. Anyone I've met? Though I am sorry that this happend *hugs*
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Date:2004 Jul 23 - 10:20 (UTC)
I try not to name people in a public forum when it's negative. I would rather discuss the issue, not introduce unnecessary Drama. But yes, you know the person. Perhaps some more specific discussion in private later on.