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2004 Jun 29

14:28e [rl] ection 

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The big deal of the weekend was the Pride Parade. I went down to see the sights with </a></strong></a>berner, and eventually ended up seeing the parade as well. It was a fun day, nice mix of sun and cloud preventing it from getting quite too hot. The parade itself was fun. Somewhat predictable, but fun. I took pictures, but we didn't have the best vantage point for pictures so they're largely somewhat sucky.

After the parade, we ended up hooking up with some of the fur contingent and made our way to C'est What for drinks/food/whatever. Met up with a few cool people and so on. I'll forget someone if I try to name you all, but I had a good time. </a></strong></a>chrispardus has some eerily familiar mannerisms, though. :) But that's definitely a good thing.

That night held a very unusual set of dreams for me. Not tied to the events of the day, likely, because the content had virtually no overlap. I think it was some validation of the changes I've been trying to make to certain patterns. we'll have to see.

Of course, yesterday was the election here. I'd always been skeptical of seat projection modelling done by newspapers using opinion poll results. I think this was a good illustration of why. The popular vote largely matched the last set of opinion polls, but the seat distribution did not really match their modelling very well at all.

(I'm still swimming through the 90GiB of captured video from last night so it'll be few days before choice bits are available).

I think Rick Mercer had the best idea of the night. It's a minority government, and in a minority, the parties have to work more together than they would otherwise. So... force the leaders to share a house. Yep yep yep.

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Date:2004 Jun 29 - 11:42 (UTC)
You didn't by any chance get that segment with rick mercer captured did you?
[User Picture]
Date:2004 Jun 29 - 11:54 (UTC)
I got both of Rick Mercer's segments.


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Date:2004 Jun 30 - 08:11 (UTC)


Eerily farmiliar, eh?

My curiosity is peaked...

Nice to have met you, BTW!
[User Picture]
Date:2004 Jun 30 - 08:51 (UTC)

Re: =^______^=

Oh yes!

This other is someone I like doubleplus. It's cool to see someone else who's also a good type share them.

I'll explain some other time. Maybe even tell you who!