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On the weekend </a></strong></a>okana dropped by. I had a very good time with him. He's cool to hang with.

The week itself has been quiet. I think I may need to get a macro for that. But that's okay. It hasn't been boring. Had lunch with Bil; he's trying to get me to head off to his paintball team's practises. This isn't a terribly hard thing to do. I'll probably end out there soon enough.

Today was the much delayed farewell lunch from my recently-ended contract. The lunch was excellent. RD's does a wonderful meal. The company was pleasant as well. ANd I realised I don't really miss the workplace all that much; nothing has changed at all on the supposedly fast-moving project I was on in the two weeks I've been gone.

Don't worry if you don't understand the following. It's for future reference by myself mostly.

It's been a bit over a week since it's been gone. I find I miss the physicality of it immensely. But there's a psychic (for lack of a better word) weight there as well that is not cool. Until I've dealt with that, it stays gone.

I need to get back to working on EG some time soon. Not sure why I'm not motivated about it at the moment. I am finding new ways to increase my enjoyment and lower my irritation in Eve, though. So far, so good.

Good dog! Woof. (I cycle past the grocery store mentioned, and know the park as well.)

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