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transition - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2004 Jun 11


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Last day of my contract is today. Doesn't seem any different than the last few. Except I have this box beside me that will hold the stuff I've collected here the last two years. Some people would be happy or sad, or something about the end of the contract. Whatever. There's a bit of relief that I don't have to deal with the rampant and brutal politics around here, and a bit of disappointment that we didn't get to do all the things I was brought on here for, and there are some good people here that I'll likely never work with again. But all in all, it's just the end of a small phase.

Next... dunno. Some time off to work on EG and Other Things (tm). Handle a few changes at the house, and have some people by to visit. Then... we shall see. July will be an interesting month.

Canada's election is not too far off. Next week is the "debate" (which is usually a demonstration of which off-stage director manages the best) and the election night coverage on the night itself. I'm intending on capturing and Xvid-ing both of those, in case anyone outside Canada is interested in seeing how our election process looks from the inside. Previously there was a blackout order for results in any time zone where the polls haven't yet closed. This time around, that doesn't apply. A new dynamic.

(I had originally put a longer description of the election in here, but decided I didn't want to fall into that trap.)

An earlier discussion this week in another LJ has died off for me. I just needed a gentle reminder: DNFTEC.

--looks around-- gah. I think some of this stuff is going to not-quite make it back home.

More later.

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Date:2004 Jun 11 - 14:39 (UTC)
Fingers crossed that the biggest issue you'll have in your entire job search is getting that box home. :)