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2004 Jun 07


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Back in Toronto now. In the last week of my current contract. After the break, I can see how thoroughly demoralised I'd been at work the last few months, being on "death row" as it were. I could feel the anti-morale today, too. But I'm fully detached from it now. I had a pretty good break. Handling this last week at work is going to be fairly easy.

Speaking of the break, I left San Jose (Baycon) on Tuesday morning, and made it to LA shortly thereafter. </a></strong></a>kaysho picked me up from the airport and the next couple of days were spent relaxing, spending some time with Kaysho and </a></strong></a>kayotae and giving the fourfoots-in-residence someone else to mooch around.

Thursday evening, we picked up Shadowcat, and I got to hang around with him for about 24 hours. This did me a whole world of good; it usually does. Helped to set a few things right, and reorient my perspective on a couple of things. And very very good for some laughs and such, too. During this, I managed to get both Shadowcat and Kayotae hooked on Firefly.

Friday evening, and </a></strong></a>kishorwolf showed up. I didn't know whether he'd actually make it in; communications with him are intermittent at times. But he did, and I'm very glad of it. I had an excellent time with him around. I think I'm going to have to get him a kilt of his own; he looked very good wearing one of my extras. (yes, I did make sure to measure him for one this time)

On Saturday, we struggled out very early (oh, at least noon-ish) for a good lunch and then a walk up towards the Hollywood sign. Why there? No real reason. Just as good a place as any for a reasonable walk, though Kayotae always wanted to push a little bit further. In the evening </a></strong></a>shadowolf came by and we all headed out to dinner at a local Italian restaurat (Da Franco's).

After dinner, more lounging around, while Kayotae and Karwood decided to get into an EMT-quizzing contest. A bit more Firefly. Then sleep. Except not all that much, because I had to get up in time to get to the airport for my trip home. Kishor and I made good time there, and he dropped me off in plenty of time. He looked so sad, or maybe just tired. Well, some combination of the two.

The trip itself back was... forgettable. This is a good thing, as most unforgettable air travel seems to be very negative. I forgot something down there, of course. So I have to get it back somehow; fortunately, there's good delivery services from there to here, and anything important has already been taken care of.

Pictures from Baycon are up now. I'll probably put some others up from the remainder of my voyage soon, but the Baycon ones are the more important, I think.

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Date:2004 Jun 07 - 23:31 (UTC)



I'm chagrined at how poorly my expression came across in the "get the chocolate to the Party Reviewers" photo, but most of the others of me captured me adequately. %-}

Only one more week of work... as what? I don't know what your profession is.


P.S.: It took me until today to realize that it's probably not going to be much easier for me to reach you by voice than my other friends in New York (city and state). ::grump::

[User Picture]
Date:2004 Jun 08 - 06:40 (UTC)

Re: Pictures

Well... maybe the original (with the red-eye and all) more closely captures the intensity. It's certainly a different image.


As for voice communications... understood I guess. Regardless of where I am, you still have to pick up a phone and --gasp-- dial! :)
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Date:2004 Jun 09 - 00:48 (UTC)

Re: Pictures

Gaaah! Even worse! Vampire Talk Show Host! %-}


P.S.: I'll give it a whirl, soonish... most likely, you'll receive it as a voicemail...