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The run up to the weekend was pretty unsatisfying. I mentioned this in the last entry. I made a very very stupid mistake and fixing it cost a fair bit more than I would have liked. In the end, I did what I needed to.

Fortunately then, I got to head off to San Jose on Thursday morning for Baycon. "Not Califur?" some of you may be asking. Nope. Several reasons. First, orders from Her Cheebleness that I should be there. More thoroughly, though, Baycon is one of the two conventions that have become essentially "home" territory (the other is Lunacon) and they'll veto pretty much any other events that conflict with them.

Though I hear Califur went quite well, I'm quite pleased I went to Baycon. I got to hang out with lots of fun people (Baycon was over 2400 this year; more growth like this and it'll approach the Minicon)'s of old. Got to see </a></strong></a>sfmarty again after too long. </a></strong></a>kproche (Kevin) and Andy as well as many others (as usual, if I start trying to make the list exhaustive, I'll miss someone out unintentionally).

It wasn't all plain sailing, however. I needed to exorcise some mental ghosts from the hotel, and I ended up dealing with some plain old exhaustion. Well... it was a con, after all. But I wasn't quite ready for the hours. The three hour time zone difference has its effects.

Made some very cool new friends, as well, including </a></strong></a>zyxwvut, otherwise known as the host of the excellent fannish talk show "Eric in the Elevator".

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