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The blah mood I've been in recently has gotten a bit deeper. There doesn't seem to be an obvious reason for it. Lots of little annoyances and some parts of my life have continued to disappoint, but nothing new entered the picture to trigger this slide. Maybe it's the grey weather, though that usually doesn't affect me once spring arrives and it's all green outside. Allergies? Hmm... Allergy medications? Possibly. Though if that's why, it's a newish reaction to them. Still trying to figure it out.

I made a couple of resolutions over the weekend. The first only took three hours to be broken. I'll have to try a bit harder. The other is holding so far. The rest of the weekend was pretty good, though. Got several things done around the house, mostly invisible to those not paying attention.

I made a massively stupid error last week that I only realised yesterday. Fixing it cost me $250. In the middle of dealing with all that, </a></strong></a>augie_hyena did a trivially annoying thing, and I sort of reacted out of proportion to it. Ended up feeling really bad about it for the whole evening — which didn't help either fixing the initial problem or the blah-slide. He's one of the consistently good things in my life. :|

I have a feeling next week will be an important week, so maybe this is all just wind up to that.

I now have a closure date for my contract work here. Which is a relief. It gives me the ability to do some planning and have a relatively firm availability date. Though I don't think it looks good for Worldcon this year, for monetary reasons.

I've spent the last couple of Eve-days getting things ready for a bit of change in my role in the universe. Could be fun. But will take a while. The EG stuff has been reduced in priority a bit. Though I'm still likely to have something viewable by others in the next week or so.

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