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pull - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2004 May 19


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The last couple of weeks have been mostly uneventful. There's been some introspection — I'd hardly be me if there was a period of no self-evaluation — but that usually makes for pretty boring reading and there's not much new there anyways.

Last weekend I ran some network cables from the computer room (as separate from the server room), up through the upstairs closet, into the attic and back down into the closet in my bedroom. That was both a bit frustrating and somewhat fun. The house is... not quite as simple in construction as I'd thought/hoped. And the attic was all sorts of contortionary fun.

This weekend will probably be some yardwork and doing things that need to be done in the house (for various reasons they haven't yet been done as they were promised by others; I'm going to just go ahead and do the damned things because I don't need to renew the futile experience of trying to get some people to try to do them). In other words, a fairly typical Victoria Day long weekend.

My work on EG (the eve-online in-game browseable site) continues to progress. It's slower than I wanted, but I'm taking some time to do things more correctly than I could have. I'm now working on building a module to replace the OpTracker I wrote a while ago. That little utility does seem to have its fans. Even though it's fairly simple and directed at a single job.

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