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2004 Apr 22


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Over the weekend, </a></strong></a>kemanorel came for a visit. It was good to see him again; it had been a couple of months since the last visit. It's not quite the same as it was last year this time, but I think perhaps this is more sustainable and healthier for both of us. He and Z even managed to find some common ground this time around, which was very cool.

Much of our time together was, of course, spent on Eve. That was a good common experience. Getting a better idea of how he plays the game and how his thoughts correspond to what he says in-game. There have been some... missed cues in the past on that score (in-game communication). Minor progress there.

And of course, Hudson was very pleased to see him again.

Work is... not much of anything at the moment. In a very dead zone. It is a relief to not be in suspense any more about whether the project is being shifted someplace else — it definitely is. I'm now in a "knowledge transition" phase. Though they don't seem all that keen on actually transferring the knowledge. Well, it means that I have a bit of an ease-out period so I can get on the ball looking for another contract.


Maybe something different. The timing is interesting; current estimation says my contract will end near Canada Day. Many weeks of summer weather after that. An idea has been swimming in my head for a long time. The time availability removes one modest obstacle to following through. Problem is, I'm not sure if it's the correct thing to do. It's quite a change. I've been discussing it with a couple of people, some directly, some indirectly. This requires further thought. As well as some actual checking on feasibility.

Meanwhile, another round of resume-polishing ahead, then off to the headhunters I go.

(Heh, now I'm only a few days behind on my entries!)

..Kashtin - Kashtin..

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