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Fallout - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2003 Feb 09


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Fallout today from something whose start was mentioned in the previous entry. I didn't expect it to reach to this degree.

This all happened just after I'd spent two hours on the phone with Furp figuring out where things stood, what happened next and the like. Still emotionally unsteady after some rather drastic sea-changes, I turned to my friends for a little bit of reassurance. p0rtwolf (a mate of Kilanon) was one of the furs who helped me. Greatly. However...

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Date:2003 Feb 10 - 03:34 (UTC)
Indirect information is not a safe thing.
Kil never asked me ,( and as far as I know..P0rt) to end friendship and communication with you.
Point cleared.
I now have much more life to deal with, and will be barely available for a bit..maybe.
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Date:2003 Feb 10 - 05:32 (UTC)
That's a huge relief. :)

And yes, indirect informatin can be suspect. Unfortunately, it's all I have to go on. As direct information becomes available, I'm more than happy to re-evaluate things.