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After the con I headed up to LA with </a></strong></a>kaysho for a couple of days of relaxation with him and </a></strong></a>kayotae.

It was a generally good and relaxing time there. Travis was very cute in his radar dish collar, even though getting through the dog door was a bit of a performance. I got to spend a little time with Kaysho and a little time with Kayotae. It's never enough, of course, but I wasn't expecting to be the centre of their universe. The trip was arranged fairly late and they are both working woofs.

Of course, the time was not perfect. A few issues (interpersonal, personality, and situational) combined in a depressing way to create some stress in the corporation in Eve. And somehow, even though I was off-line and on vacation, I was expected to Solve It All Right Then. Not. It's being resolved now, but it was not a positive addition to my time away. It also pointed up some further things I have to think about regarding the game.

On my last evening there, I got to spend some time with Shadowcat. This was a very very nice bonus. Sorted through a lot of things and set some basis for further discussion and discovery later on. I was very glad to have had the chance.

Geting back... oy. LAX is as bad as Terminal 2 at Pearson. Possibly worse. Once I had lost the hour getting through checkin and security, it was okay. On the flight back to Toronto, I ended up sitting next to someone who bore a striking, shocking resemblance to one of the pack only a little shorter and more heavily muscled. Cool guy from Australia, we talked some. In an odd way, helped settle a few minor points regarding his lookalike.

Spent Wednesday night shaking off whatever bug I'd picked up in LAX. Then back to work and the old grind. As luck would have it, my RAID box's power supply has gone well and truly south. Grumbles. Not a big deal, but needs to be replaced soonish. I like having a half-terabyte of storage at my fingertips.

This weekend I'm supposed to be doing the first pass at this year's taxes, but </a></strong></a>kemanorel is supposed to drop by so I'm not sure how much focus that will get.

Some other random thoughts about the con and assorted travels:

  • Toronto gets to host the 2006 Gaylaxicon (it'll be in mid-June, apparently). I did a very silly thing. I think </a></strong></a>evil_dwagon possessed me for a moment, because I offered to help.
  • Padded headboards
  • Being a blacksmith gives one very impressive arm strength

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