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The weekend was fun. I should be careful. It could become a trend.

The Thursday flights down to San Diego were suitably uneventful and rather typical. Nothing significant to report on. Even though there was a huge mass of people at Terminal 3 customs, the whole process only took about 40 minutes to get through. A similar mass at Terminal 2 (the dreaded Air Canada terminal) would likely have taken twice as long. I'm not sure why there's such a difference, but I definitely don't mind travelling American. Even if DFW is a large airport to hurtle yourself across with a 35 minute layover.

I didn't actually do much con-related on Thursday. Even the set up preparations were stealthed. So I used the opportunity to relax and to watch the amusing things happening out by the pool. --snickers-- Fairly easy to spot certain types. And not just the families either...

Friday and the convention got into full swing. The morning started with doing party shopping with Kevin and Andy for the League of Evil Geniuses party — definitely a staple of the west coast cons I've been at. As usual, I helped with set up. Definitely a good way to spend a couple of hours.

Of course, initial prowls of the dealer's room and art show. The art show didn't overawe me. My tastes in art didn't quite match a lot of what was there (which is fine). And after enough art shows, you get to see many of the same pieces repeatedly. </a></strong></a>kaysho arrived in time for dinner, and the evening. A bit late, but that's traffic on Easter weekend.

Dinner was fantastic. Well, okay, the food was okay, but the company was fantastic. Kevin and Andy and Kaysho and Virginia Hey. Virginia's one of the guests of honour at the convention, and knows K&A from many conventions past. I can see why; she's a fantastically cool person to hang around. It's not difficult to see that she put at least part of herself into making Zhaan come as alive as she did. Seeing her at dinner, relaxing a little bit, was good as well. Being a guest at a convention is a bit draining; you have to be "on" the whole time — the spotlight is on you at every panel or signing or whatever. Giving her space to relax a little bit and recharge (and refuel!) before the next round was cool.

A bit later, </a></strong></a>kishorwolf arrived. Was a big boost to get to see him again. Even better was the way he took to the collar and leash. ;) Such an amazing woof. After getting him settled in (and properly attired), we headed off to the League of Evil Geniuses party. It was, as usual, a very good time. Kishor was apparently the hit of the party. He got a lot of attention, bordering on too much. Fortunately, he was with a good alpha, and it worked out quite well all around. It was nice to get have some attention myself; not really something that happens out of the blue. The LoEG party was the party to be at on Friday night.

Eventually sleep.

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