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rising - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2004 Apr 15


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Date:2004 Apr 15 - 14:17 (UTC)

HEY - Virginia

I love virginia hey - she's so energetic and outgoing. A wonderful guest and fabulous person. You are a lucky dog!

I wonder when I'll see her again? Oh, and that party - very very nice. Sorry to have missed you guys the next day after World Con. Will you be at Toronto Trek?

Take care, and to Unikilts forever!
-- Peter
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Date:2004 Apr 15 - 14:51 (UTC)
Well, first it's Utilikilts :P

There are, of course, other pictures that will not be publicly displayed from the convention.

And Virginia is incredibly cool.

TorontoTrek? Hm, dunno. Perhaps. Hasn't historically been one of my usual events.


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Date:2004 Apr 15 - 22:17 (UTC)


my bad. I was ruishing to reply and get away. Well, if you're in town that weekend,maybe you can just come to the QC Party on the Friday, or my Pajama Party on the saturday night. I'll give you details if you like!