October 19th, 2008



Yesterday is a day better not dwelt on too much. Very uncomfortable.

Today has been somewhat better. I even expect to be heading into the office tomorrow instead of working from home. It's always touch and go. I don't know if I'll be cycling in, which is kind of sucky.

Made some more progress on scanning negatives. Some of the oldest ones today, and found a roll I hadn't remembered at first. Looking at the pictures, I can imagine why it slipped; the camera it was taken on was pretty shitty, and there were several double exposures. Still, good to salvage a couple off it. I'm probably a little over half done.

The other distraction (apart from the mandatory afternoon nap) was helping out some friends-of-friends get started on a training run of the Rift instance in LotRO. Quite a few noobie mistakes, but they did eventually start working together properly. A bit expensive for repairs, but it's all in a good cause. (I haven't got my full set of Rift armour, so I still need to back at least a couple more times and having people you've worked with before is a good thing).

The garden was totally skipped this weekend; it was Not A Good Idea. Too bad as the weather was co-operative. Still, there's not all that much that really must be done.

(Iceland, Latvia, Ukraine, ... the list grows)