February 4th, 2006



Further Confusion this year was pretty fun. I definitely had a good time, though it was not the best FC I've been to (that title goes to FC2004). Was definitely enjoyable. Met up with many many people. I'm not going to attempt to exhaustively name everyone. :) However, I spent the most time with </a></a>kaysho, </a></a>kayotae, </a></a>bovil, </a></a>kproche and lj:thegoodmo.

It definitely wasn't perfect. I lost most of Saturday to some sort of sore throat. But that sleep was definitely appreciated. Other than that it was an enjoyable time in the company of good people in a friendly environment. Among them </a></a>dominowuff, </a></a>pup1k, </a></a>furfragged, </a></a>lobolance, </a></a>tigerman... oh wait, I said I wasn't going to try listing everyone, cause I'm sure I'd leave somebody out...

The drive down to LA is where things began to become a bit less pleasant. Con crud set in fairly heavily, and the convoy did not get started any time near when it was supposed to. But that was still all good, just late, and all nasally congested. Got to meet a few new interesting people (—waves at </a></a>stevefoxx, Stego, and the others...—)

Upon getting to kaysho and kayotae's place... no power, fences down, and various other slight damage from some very heavy winds over the weekend (and that plagued us towards the end of our drive down). Power was restored the next day, upon which we discovered that several devices, including the motor for the central heating unit, had let the magic smoke escape. Making their place rather colder than it should be.

The Crescenta Valley isn't all that cold in January, but of course, these houses are not made to retain heat well, so they tended towards outside temperature. When you're fighting a head cold, you don't want the average temperature to hover around 10-15C. So it lingered on and on, much longer than it should. Sunbeams and space heaters were my friends.

The week was mostly relaxing and recuperating (or trying to). Did spend an evening with Kaysho, Scruffy, Furahi, Al Bear and Dexterfox. And met up with lj:shadowolf as well.

The weekend was supposed to be interesting and social. That didn't work out too well, either. </a></a>kishorwolf was supposed to come by, but in his dizzy state managed to double book the weekend with a trip to Vegas. He was supposed to call to say which one he was doing, but (surprise!) he didn't. That's he didn't show (or call) sort of indicates which was more important, I guess. :| (There's that damned priorities thing again)

I did get to hang out with Kaatz a bit on my last day in LA. He's been working quite a lot, of course, trying to get caught up. That was pretty cool, though it felt rushed and rather insufficient as well.

Even so, some good things came out of this. I got to spend some time away from everything, relaxing and refocussing a bit. Had some scritching time with Maxwell and Travis. Got to hang out (a bit) with Kaysho and Kayotae. And, on a more geeky note, I made a bunch of different inroads on my video processing pipelines. I was able to keep on top of my TV shows with only a slight delay from realtime (captured, re-compressed and downloaded), and have mapped out a plan to get my Buz video capture device working with FreeVo and ExpressVu to get a decent PVR-like system implemented. A tiny bit of additional hardware is required, but that's part of the fun.

There will be pictures of my travels at some point, but not immediately. :)

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