May 7th, 2005



I've been quiet the last couple of weeks, I guess. Mostly busy. Rather busy indeed. Work is rather complicated. I've been put on a different sustaining project than I had been in the first week. This is much more challenging. A lot of frustration at the way this branch has been left. Not a lot of documentation, and because I'm largely working on my own in this, not too many people to give me pointers on where to start unravelling a thread. Nevertheless, it's going okayish. I got some traction the last two days, so it's all good.

Cycling in to work is a good energise and stress relief. I need to add a workout to the routine soon, too.

Other than that, more ISP woes. Well, at least it's nothing to do with my service particularly. My ISP's been bought by look. A whole bunch of shenanigans went on behind the scenes. From out front, it resulted in a week without sync as Bell decided to pull my DSLAM card. Then put it back with a different profile. So I need to start the merry-go-round again. But this time I know where the end result is, so I can focus on that and make some shortcuts.

I don't know if I'll stay with Look. It depends how they honour the package I had with THT, which was almost precisely what I wanted and needed (and once the problems were resolved, the service was actually very consistent).

Outside of that... hmm, there's not a lot outside of that. Well, getting the body readjusted, planning for Baycon. Playing EVE and a tiny bit of WoW. Puttering around here and there. A fair bit of pondering. I need to do a bit of "trimming of the sails" so to speak — redirecting energies towards areas where I get more positive feedback and avoiding energy sinks, or worse, negative energy return. Easier said than done some times, but that's part of personal growth.

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