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(plug) It's only a few more days until my convention: Orion. Gamers in the area are most definitely welcome. (end plug)

Being on the concom isn't so bad. Honest. I have some inspiration.

The last few days on Eve have been a little frustrating. Didn't enjoy the operations on the weekend as much as I might have. Fortunately, a little thought discovered about four reasons why this might be. Even better, some ways to address them also became evident. One was easy, two more are more tricky, but I have the ability to make the needed changes myself. The final is something that I can only initiate (which I did). It's dependent on others to come to fruition. The best part: it seems to be happening! This is doubleplusgood.

This week could be the key week at work. By Monday, we should know if the vendor I'm associated with will be the primary one on the next phase of the project. This week I've actually got some relatively significant things to do on the proposal. Which is nice for a change.

Non-disclosure agreements are a b!tch some times. :)

And yet there's still some time for introspection. I'm trying to fully understand the reactions (or lack threreof) of two my closest. Best I can tell is that they're working from old information/assumptions. I'm not sure how best to communicate the change. Bah. They'll be fine. There's plenty of time in the universe, regardless of how fast some people seem to run around.

April will be an interesting month.

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