December 26th, 2004



It's been quite a while since the last update.

Not all that much has changed, really. A few little things here and there. It's colder. There's snow on the ground. And some ice.

Job search continues (or did until the silly season started for the last half of December). Finally got some resolution on the couple of outstanding opportunities from October/November. One (after three interviews) was basically that I was a good candidate, but they wanted someone with a more rigid design approach. Whatever. The second was the place that appealled a lot more. And they did really want me, but it seems they got a directive to fill the position internally. Which doesn't surprise me much. Still, my resume there has some good mojo attached to it now, so who can say.

One other possibility has arisen, and it looks pretty good; I'll know after the holidays. It's not a fantastic position, working with technology I'm not too keen on, but it'll be a good stepping stone to other things within the company. And it'd be work; at this point a very good thing.

The PHP project is grinding ahead very slowly. When I can get some motivation up to do something substantive instead of idly distracting myself with little side projects (like a new dynamic screen for the TV capture/playback box).

Christmas is necessarily a very small and simple affair here. No family in the time zone. Friends and packmates are off doing their own important family and friends things. Just me, and the fourfoot and Z then. But we did a duck and cabbage rolls and stuff. Yummy.

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