March 24th, 2004



Well, I definitely needed that.

Lunacon was a good time indeed. Hardly perfect. Definitely a good time.

I got to reconnect with people I'd known (in some cases) for a decade now, but from whom I'd drifted a bit in the last year or so. Was very cool to be able to sit at the bar in the hotel, and kibbitz back and forth with old friends on some rather complicated topics. Usually made lighter by the availability of alcohol, some stellar wit (rarely mine) and a pleasant familiar camaraderie.

A good number of the old GEnie crowd were there. Josepha Sherman (one of the people to coax me out to my first SF con in the dim past), Susan Shwartz, the Honigsbergs, LAG, Esther Friesner. And many more (who will retain the cover of anonymity. HAH!)

Elaine and Sharkie were there. Sharkie and I got to compare notes about FFXI and prod each other about SWG and Eve (he does the former, I do the latter).

Very cool to hang out with Max and Ivan, too. Haven't had much time the last couple of Lunacons to spend time with Max. Was good to be able to this time around. Someone else who likes both Sandalwood and Patchouli. Though we agreed that they don't go well together...

The art show was pretty decent. I did pick up one pencil study. The frame suited it nicely, and a well-executed piece for a reasonable price. I didn't get to the masquerade. Hunger pulled a veto. Panels were fine. The dealer's room was about as it should be for a Lunacon.

Parties on Friday night were a little calm, but again, that's typical for Lunacon. Saturday night proved pretty good on that score, after closing the bar, of course. LARPers (Laire in this case) in particular seem to throw good parties. Some cool SCAdians in attendance as well. The furs I ran across at the con seemed happy being fairly insular in their little clique. --shrugs--

Brunch on Sunday with Esther and Walter was especially cool. I got to bitch about work-politics with a fellow sufferer. Even if he misnamed Mr. Cubbins. Hmph.

Several nice comments on the new look. Not that it was done for the benefit of others, but that's an appreciated side effect.

I can't figure out where some of the time went though. Not much of a worry: that's about normal for a good convention, I think.

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