March 2nd, 2004


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Still on the Political Treadmill of Uncertainty at work. Well, it's not quite that Dramatic or anything, but it's still lots of unknowns going on. Some information is due this week. And looks like the week after Lunacon is probably the key decision week.

I made what should be the last catch-up trip to the dentist today. Got a temp filling replaced with a proper restoration. Went very smoothly. I don't have a problem with dentists; the one I have now is very good (as opposed to ones I had in my teen years about whom I have considerable doubt). My mouth should be back to normal tomorrow (shut UP!).

The number three seems to have acquired renewed significance around me. But not just three. Three within three within three. It's not immediately obvious (nor do I intend on discussing this at length in a public forum), but this helps explain my problems in dealing with a few of the massive curves thrown at me in the last couple months. Coming, as they have... you guessed it... in threes.

Scent is fairly important to me. Particular scents are tied deeply into states of mind. Another little notion of sense-of-place. This week I took some time to sort through some (another rather complicated thing to discuss). Very helpful. And today... I found a scent I had been looking for for awhile. A nice link.

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