January 6th, 2004



I'm now back at work after two weeks (!) off. I've already written about the first week, of course. But I haven't said anything about the second. I'm still rolling it over in my mind, enjoying it. One of the best weeks I've had in a very long time.

Of course, I wasn't at work, which was a good thing. But the key ingredient was a visit from [info]p0rtwolf. I enjoyed every minute of his company. It wasn't a terribly intense week — a nice chance to relax in very good company. We poked around a little, into nooks and crannies of Church and Yonge Streets, as well as various other bits of downtown. He ended up with a nifty new coat, and a few other things.

We talked a lot, drank more than a little but far less than too much. I have pictures (yes, pictures of p0rt, which are a rarity). Before I put them up though, I need to make sure everything's okay with them. --evil grin--

We didn't try to do everything that you can do in Toronto, and a couple of things just didn't work out due to planning. Bil and [info]Keman and us were supposed to go out paintballing, but that didn't happen. This time.

p0rtwolf seemed to get along very well with everyone up here, including the fourfoot. Hudson enjoys it when new people arrive; especially people who pay attention to him. I think the canine got spoiled. (I think all of us did.)

[info]Berner was around for some of the week as well, which was similarly good. We debated on going out to a New Year's Eve gathering, but realised it was mostly an excuse just to drink and carouse and we could manage that pretty well enough on our own, without the added expense and hassle.

We made sure we ate pretty well. p0rtwolf got to experience a few local places, as well as discovering some of the local (i.e. Canadian) confections; one of which he took an instant liking towards. It involves coffee.

But we could do even better than that. On Friday, I dragged [info]p0rtwolf (the collar made it easy :P ) and [info]Berner and Z up the CN Tower for a birthday dinner (both p0rt's and Berner's are close enough to that). Hudson almost didn't let us leave without him, but I don't think he would have been appreciated. It was an excellent meal. The view started out very very nice. However, as luck would have it, a bank of fog rolled in about the time the main course was being served. Worked out well enough and everyone had a good time and sufficient to eat.

Perhaps the oddest thing about the week was the weather. It was significantly warmer than normal for p0rt's entire stay. Barely ever got to freezing.

Eventually, though, p0rt had to return southwards (much to my disappointment (and his)); his work would be really upset if he didn't show up. He took the warm weather with him, though. The temperature has fallen pretty much steadily since he left; it's now just about normal, or a touch below, perhaps. And we've had snow. P0rt only got to see an odd flake or two. Well... there's always next time. Or the time after that.

Hudson moped after p0rt left. I think I probably mirrored him for a bit. But I know something that the fourfoot doesn't. He's not gone forever and there are other things to look forward to. Like Further Confusion (although the fourfoot can't go to that one), or Keman's planned visit this weekend. And of course, it's not like Berner's not around, or Z, or anything like that. That fourfoot's life is pretty full. Don't let him tell you otherwise.

All in all, a very good start to the New Year. I have this sense that it's not all going to be quite this good or easy.

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