November 22nd, 2003



One of the cool things about MFF was meeting up with a few people I hadn't seen in a while. Or at all. Perhaps the coolest new person I met was Frisket. She's a very cool individual, and we have at least one thing in common: Augie. We ended up trading a couple of Augie-stories and she drew one very cool piece in my sketchbook which I'm going to scan in and send off to him when I get a chance. Others included Kindar, Kovash, and many others I'm not going to try to name. Oh, and Furp, of course. The dragonish one was doing medical duty so he was not quite as unavailable as at past cons, he's still always on duty (I think I need to get him something for Christmas so he can really live up to the role of Beecher; he's got most of it down already).

While I arrived by a couple hour flight and a similar amount of time on the ground at both ends, my housemate and pack-brother Berner took a muuuuch longer route (consuming 15 hours or so all together). Eventually, though he made it. Good to see him.

Got some very cool images in my sketchbook, including ones that may see bits of themselves ending up as LJ icons. Was pretty cool to see an image of Keman closer to my mental image of him. --evil snicker--

It was a bit of an earlier evening for me, as I had a massive headache. Medication helped. And sleep.

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