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OK, so I didn't get around to the second update after all. Heeh. Typical LJ user behaviour, I guess.

The weekend went fairly well. </a></strong></a>redregon crashed over to look at a new place in town that he was interested in moving to. Seems to have gone well. </a></strong></a>pouncewolf dropped by a bit later as well. --chuckles--

There wasn't much of a focus to the weekend. If there was, it was probably the making of game-side cash in Eve. A nice little mining operation that netted a good sum. If not as much as I was expecting. Of course, that chewed up all of Saturday night. Didn't log out until 0600, though it's probably fair to say I wasn't completely awake for a while prior to that. :) In the midst of that was an IM chat with </a></strong></a>augie_hyena. That's always a highlight of my day. And a couple of other interesting phone conversations. Not that I was at my best of forms; focussing on keeping my character alive and fighting off imininet slumber dulls one's conversational wit a tad.

Now it's Monday again. Only five days till Saturday. Not that a day is all that important. The next month has several busy and possibly entertaining weekends in it. We'll have to see if this one is one of them.

And for the record, I am not pleased at the wi-fi gods today.

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