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Someone made a chance comment this morning that joggled my recent stability a little bit. For a short while, I was heading toward an old and negative mode. I think I've managed to avoid it, though. Having the benefit of recent experience, I could do a quick lookahead and see that it wouldn't be productive. Being in that mode would not help. So, obviously, it's the wrong one to be in right now.

The toy I ordered months ago finally showed up. It's not the smallest or fanciest, but it understands Vorbis and plays nicely with Linux (command line utilities... mrrrrr). And it was rather inexpensive to boot.

Looks like CCP is finally going to do something about the various log-in/log-out problems in Eve (The most annoying beint log-in gank-traps and log-out combat avoidance). The proposed solution is almost right, IMHO. It does try to balance between the carebears and the griefers somewhat. It should help deal with the worst abuses. However, playing it in my mind, I think there will be a few new tactics coming out of this. Which is probably a good thing!

Work... There's still no further information. Well, there is, but it's not useful for prognostication. The three potential vendors for the project are identified. I'm associated with one of them, of course. I can't judge things until we get a look at the criteria for proposal — maybe by Monday but who can say. And there's a very tenuous, very dramatic possibility as a fallback. A significant change of direction. Probabilities are low, though. In other words, no change. But at least my contract extends through my birthday regardless.

I'm very very fortunate to have had the opportunity to talk with </a></strong></a>augie_hyena a fair bit recently. Always a great addition to the day. Given the time zone differences, it's a good way to end an evening, too.

Today's internal thought (and as usual, few outside my head will understand it; don't worry if you don't):

Resonance is not readiness.

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