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It's been a relatively uneventful few days. Over the weekend, RW came up for a visit. Last time I saw him was in the summer. Good to spend a little time with the Talkative One.

Also picked up a small freezer unit for the basement; the previous one never really worked properly; it's gone now. That should help make Z a bit happier. It's not huge, but it's definitely useful.

Eve continues. I ended up doing some rather detailed and (in some fashion) tedious work in-game over the weekend. Some people won't understand why I would do it in favour to something more... spectacular. The level of attention that was required is stimulating, however. And it adds value to my corp-mates in a way that no one else seems to be willing to contribute. Whether it's appreciated or not remains to be seen. :) While doing all of that, I made a couple of interesting in-game observations that I may be able to apply in the near future.

Managed to get some IM time in with </a></strong></a>augie. Sounds like he's getting by, but the grind he's under is pretty heavy. Glad I could make him smile at least a little bit.

One thing that I can take from the last few weeks is:

It's unwise to attempt to have a meta(1) or meta(2) conversation with anyone who's locked in a primary mode.

Of course, that won't mean much to most of you, but that's not the point. I just wanted to get the statement out there. It feels more substantial when it's in a place where others can see it. It's also an exercise in applying simpler words to denote some of the concepts in my philosophy. most of you have not delved to deeply therein — this is almost certainly a wise thing.

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