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harmonics - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2004 Feb 18


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Spent a little time chatting with Bil today. Not an intensely deep conversation but good nonetheless — trading work woes, paintball chatter, etc. Off-hand, he made a couple of interesting comments. They reawakened a thread that had been largely dismissed the last time I looked at it seriously — 9 months or so ago. But now, work is uncertain. That reopens evaluation of the possibility. Quite a change it would be, yes sir.

I've been focussing a bit too much on a couple of aspects of my Self. That's probably been doing me and those around me a bit of a disservice. To be sure, it's easy to do that with many intense things playing off of those aspects. I've had some friendly reminders about these other bits, though. It'll be good to work with them again. Heading along some new Paths and doing some rebalancing.

Refocussing for a longer haul when I've been mostly sprinting the last couple months.

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Date:2004 Feb 18 - 16:44 (UTC)
Minor update: I also suspect getting good sleep and restarting the supplements is probably affecting the perspective as well.