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This is the eighth time I've started to write this entry. It's difficult to get the words right. Too easily, things will be misstated or misunderstood. Also because any simple set of statements will be woefully incomplete. Many overlayered thoughts, possibilities and threads of direction or action. I don't think I'm going to try. Not in a general case. I think if anyone is really interested, it can be tailored to the individual. Not that I'm really expecting anyone to express that level of interest — that's actually quite alright.

So, I'll stick to just a few events, rather than try to attach a detailed interpretation or meaningful statement to them.

My project at work has in theory cleared the first couple minor hurdles to continuing. But the journey is not yet over on that score. I would say this is looking a little more optimistic than it was, but it also means treading water at work for another couple of weeks at least.

This weekend last I was at FWA. For a first time con, it did fairly well. About 250+ badges were registered (having being on concom at other cons, I know how a simple badge count doesn't always translate into body count) and there were people around. My main impression was that it really was a bit of a locals-oriented con. People came to hang with their friends and so on. Nothing conscious, I imagine, but there was some cliquish-ness.

I did meet a few very cool people, some for the first time, ever, and some for the first time in person. </a></strong></a>netwolf (really nitewolf, but enh) in particular was a properly respectful woof, and put up with a bit of me in the middle of some dramatic mood swings. Very well, I might add. Also spent a fun time with Ozz, Sabaco, etc. etc. The usual thing: I never remember all the names at one time, and don't really want to upset anyone too badly. </a></strong></a>p0rtwolf was there as well. I enjoyed spending the time with him I got to. Had a couple of very good and helpful chats with people as well. You know who you are. Thank you.

I took a few pictures, but I haven't put them up yet. Shortly, methinks.

The trip home was mostly a blur as I was sleep deprived, but it was okay, I think. Got home and realised just how important those in my house (two- and fourfoot) are to me. Then proceeded to get a bit of con crud. Blah.

Since the beginning of this year, I have lost some mooring, and the way ahead is murky and dark.

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