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When last we left our intrepid adventurer, he was left in a state of uncertainty of his travel plans. Work had at first decided he was going to go to Zurich for a few days' worth of meetings. They then proceeded to wimble back and forth. We pick up the story with the decision being made.

Sort of.

I was supposed to go. I had my ticket delivered to me (business class to Zurich, not a bad way to travel) and had the hotel booked and everything. Then I checked my mail. Within a few minutes, I was, in fact not going (and that was finally final). All politics again. Though I would have been able to make quite an impact, I am too close to one particular position, and so I'm not a real benefit. --rolls eyes--

Ah well, that's fine. I certainly don't mind not going.

In other news, </a></strong></a>keman was up this weekend. It was a good weekend. We attended a group breakfast on Saturday morning, and largely played Eve during the much of the rest of the time. He had some new perspectives on both the game, and the way things are going in each of our lives. Much food for thought. I managed to make some observations as well. Of a sort.

Also got a letter mailed off to </a></strong></a>augie as well — it had a couple of little surprises in it that may help some of the additional hours he's out there pass a bit faster. I need to post something he e-mailed to me to put in his journal. Should remember to do that soon, too.

But there are things happening underneath all of that. I've mentioned them (vaguely) before, some changes in perception. The web of connections around me has shifted and settled a bit in the last couple of months. Seemed to open a door to something new and powerful. At the moment, though, I feel a bit adrift again, as what is beyond the door now looks to be not all that different to what I leave behind. Except that I need to strike a new balance. Somehow.

"I will give
what I can
And take
what I find"

Damn, but it can be difficult some times.

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