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Over the last few years, going to many conventions, SFnal, gaming and furry, I've not so slowly evolved an understanding. For me, cons are less about the panels and the dealers room and the art show and so on. They're more about meeting up with various people in my life and doing things together with him. From large complicated dinner outings, to consuming alcohol and stealing into the hotel hottub, and the whole spectrum in between and beyond.

Further Confusion was no exception. Quite a number of friends were there, and I got to spend time with many of them. As is usual with conventions, not as much time as I would have liked in some cases, but it was a good convention. No, wait. It was a great convention. Got to run with </a></strong></a>shadowolf, Fragged, and Galen and.. and... a complete list could take quite some time and be rather boring to most readers.

p0rtwolf and I helped to set up for the League of Evil Geniuses party on Friday. Kevin and Andy are always fun to be around. They know lots of people in the area, and lots of unconventional ones too. Always enjoy partying with them. And the party itself was even more fun than the set up. Even though a few of the Evil Genii were not properly represented.

Saturday saw lots of running around and hanging with people and so on. Several tours through the dealers room and the art show. The art show this year was a significant step up from last year. The pieces are showing a bit more maturity of talent. A fair number of new names (to me at least), which is good to see. (Apparently some pieces went for a very tidy sum come the final auction.) Of course, I'm not much for sushi, but a group of us (Andy, Kevin, Lance, p0rt and myself) headed off to a local (quite good) place: Sushi Totoru. It's nice having local guides to point out the good places to you. Saturday evening saw several more parties, and getting to sleep waaay too late and more than a little bit dehydrated. But I wasn't complaining too much.

Sunday was a nice lazy day. Getting up (sort of) late-ish. Relaxing by the pool a bit, even though the hottub was really only a tepid tub at that point. Bouncing about and goofing around with p0rt and whoever else showed up a bit. THings got a bit smoffy over dinner that night, though. Not a bad thing, but I suspect p0rt was a bit bored. Then it was back to the hotel. At that point I was fairly drained and wanted some sleep, but still did a last set of rounds. Monday morning saw the return trip home... And that's another different post.

Conventions are good to meet new friends (or friends you didn't know you had) as well. And I added several. </a></strong></a>dogzrbarkin I'd sort of already met on-line, but it was very cool to meet him in person. I plotted with him a bit beforehand, and got him to do a pair of badges for p0rt and myself. The colour on p0rt's face was worth every bit of the effort. I expect to have pictures up soon. Well, not of the colour. It never seems to be quite as vivid in pixels. </a></strong></a>kishorwolf was also very cool to spend a little time with. Sort of wish I'd run into him earlier; definitely a cool fur. But, there is this wonderful thing called the internet. If he's ever around on it. </a></strong></a>alohawolf too. Somefur with an eye on the future, there. And </a></strong></a>dominowuff (Well, Acidwolf now, in any case). Blah. I shouldn't start listing names, because I know I'll miss several, and I'll feel bad. There were many many more. Let's just put it like that.

I hope to get pictures up shortly. Yes, I have pictures of </a></strong></a>p0rtwolf wearing a kilt. Some of them are not for public consumption, though. :P

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