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On Wednesday last, I began my trek to head towards Further Confusion. Left work for a rather calm ride to the airport. Got to see the nifty jumped-up Webcams and cheapo USB fingerprint readers that US customs now uses to get biometric information on anyone needing a visa to enter under the euphemistic "US VISIT" program. Fortunately, I'm a Canadian, so that doesn't apply to me. Unless, like most of the rest of the world, we miss the US-imposed deadline for digital passports with said biometric data already present. It doesn't really matter; INS already long ago collected my biometric data.

All this was at Toronto Pearson International Airport Terminal 3. Terminal 3 is always much more relaxed to me. Not in terms of security, but the flow is much smoother and easier. Terminal 2 is a bit of a zoo — p0rt can attest to this. Terminal 1 is the worst for customs (either way), but fortunately is about to no longer exist. "Terminal New" is nearly ready. Or so they say.

In any case, they were apparently bored, so they selected my luggage for the more thorough X-Ray and spectroscope test (first time entering the US since September 11). Of course, I'd zip-stripped my luggage, and since my carry-on could not possibly include anything so sharp as pinking shears, they had to go in search of something to cut the strip All in all amusing. Especially when they saw the kilts. I saw a quickly smothered smirk.

Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport isn't as chaotic as I remembered it last time. Or maybe it's my own changed perceptions. A couple hours of layover there translated into a bit of a relax and a couple failed attempts to call pack-bretheren.

Finally I arrived at </a></strong></a>kayotae's and Kayshowolf's. And played with the boys (Maxwell and Travis) for a bit, chatted online a bit (teasing </a></strong></a>talen_mystwing, which is always amusing). Then slept.

...the next day...

Began the drive up to San Jose. We needed to head by way of Fresno to pick up another fur (</a></strong></a>klandagi) for FC. Adds an hour to the travel time, but that's not really an issue. Once in the flatlands around Bakersfield, the land resembles my homeland to some degree. Well, when the haze layer obscures the mountains beyond and it looks like horizon in any case.

Picked up our fellow travelfur. Mental note: Two coyotes in the front seat is not and indicator of stability and sensibility.

Made it to the hotel, after several end to end recitation of Monty Python sketches. It's somewhat of a miracle that we made it safely.

We had a wonderful dinner at a local Italian (Tuscan-Californian) restaurant. Very very good.

Later on, </a></strong></a>p0rtwolf arrived. It was intensely good to see him. I think it was at about this point that I considered the con to have begun.

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