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Continue - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2004 Jan 20


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The trip back to my hometown for the funeral went about as well as these things can go. Flights were okay (even if it was Air Canada). It was a fairly solemn trip, of course. Did not have to deal much with any of the unpleasantness. Was a bit hard on my other grandparents; my mother is having some health issues of her own at the moment, and my grandfather's cousin had a catastrophic stroke and lingered a couple of days before dying himself. Not a great month for the family.

Came back and had a couple of very interesting conversations that went in a direction that was unsettling for me. Something I hadn't really considered much before the fall started to mumble at the back of my mind before Christmas. And it sort of seeded a few more thoughts about changes in outlook and direction. I'm being a bit vague, yes. Mostly because I'm still working it through and figuring out just what is going on here. It's definitely a very positive thing, from all I've seen so far. Just a bit unanticipated. Stay tuned.

Work is now annoying a bit. There appears (shockingly) to be some disorganization in the process we're going through now, and there have been plans thrown out. They involve me doing insane things like making two trips to Zurich in two weeks, with less than a day between my arrival back from Further Confusion and the first departure. Oh, and of course, I was actually supposed to be there this week, too. But I'm not missing FC and all the rest that's going on. They caved and I'm not truly needed there after all. We'll see how the rest works out.

Now I've got most of my FC packing complete and I'm running a few things around in Eve. And doing many other things as well. I am really looking forward to FC, and seeing many very cool people. Including, likely, some I haven't met yet.

Oh, and Frisket17 made me the icon for today. Love it to pieces... :)

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Date:2004 Jan 21 - 09:20 (UTC)
Have fun at FC. Be sure to tell all about it when you get back.

And yeah, cute icon.
Date:2004 Jan 26 - 20:43 (UTC)

*hugs* Hey!!! :D


*nuzzles* FC was awesome! :D I'm glad I met you and P0rtwolf! You guys are cool! :) *remembers P0rt with the sweater on* :P Silly boy. hehe!

I had a very fun time!

You two are probably on your way back now. *snuggles* Have a safe trip back and take care!
-Kish Folf