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It seems that January will be a month of travel for me. Already I had seen p0rt off at the beginning of the month. I'm going to be at Further Confusion as well from mid next week. I'm also supposed to be going to Zurich at some point this month, probably leaving the day after I get back from FC.

Unfortunately, I must add one more trip this weekend back to my home town. My grandmother passed away yesterday morning, a week after her 91st birthday. She was a wonderful person who had a good long life. Not a perfect life, of course. There were phases that weren't so good, especially after her husband died, but she was a good person. Her faith kept her strong but did not blind her, and at the end I am certain that she was happy.

I got to see her at Christmas; she was very happy then. I thought she was recovering very well indeed from her strokes a couple years back.

Death is something that my grandparents and I have discussed in the past. My two surviving grandparents are 87 and 85. In our discussions, we concluded that every day is a gift, and that they'll enjoy every last one they're given — and they do. In the end though, they will end. They are ready for that, and so must we be. Carried in our memories as we appreciate each day that we are given, and remember fondly they days that we shared.

Kaze was a gift and will be missed.

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