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Flu - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2003 Dec 17


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I finally succumbed to the flu. I dodged it for weeks. While co-workers fell prey to it, I was okay. I thought I'd missed it. But alas! Today is a very uncomfortable day, but I think I'm slowly shaking it. Or at least the worst of it.

Part of the reason I likely succumbed is all tied up with the last week or so at work. Not a fun time. And none of it is directly due to anything I've done or not done. This doesn't help much. A week or so ago, we learned that the powers that be are putting my project (well the project I'm involved with) on hold while they do a couple months of evaluation. Now, the project has already had all sorts of evaluation (audits, technical assessments, etc). So it's not us that is getting the evaluation. It's other applications in the group; to see if they can be modified or used to do the job of my project for a lower cost/effort/delay. This is predominantely politics, from all I can see.

At that point, it was a disappointment, but I could deal with that. At least we could start work on some of the foundation stuff we would need for the next push assuming that we got the eventual green light. Then the other shoe dropped: if the future of the project was uncertain, they didn't want to be spending the admittedly significant sums in keeping the whole development team online for the eight weeks or whatever it's going to take to do the assessments. So... merry christmas. They all get to go back to their parent company (the development team is under contract from a couple of different firms, so it's not like they got fired, but even so). And the worst bit is that I couldn't say anything for a couple of days, until they got told by the correct process.

I felt drained and a bit slimy after that. Nothing I could really do, but if/when we do get started up again, I may have to spend some effort regaining confidence again. Assuming we get most of them back; they are the best team qua team I've worked with. Fortunately, they are all being pretty professional about this; as a small token, I'm taking them all (well the 15 most closely associated with me at least) to Return of the King tomorrow.

So drained, and stressed, the flu bit, and I succumbed. I am surviving.

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