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I had a pretty good weekend. Keman did show up; he didn't get lost and got everything taken care of before he headed up. We didn't overload the weekend with things to do. We talked a lot, did some shopping and wandering around, and ate out a couple of times. He showed me Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. We did have to go through some hoops to get it to deal with the network properly but eventually succeeded. I am going to replace the firewall/routers, though. Not having Stateful Packet Inspection is a bit cheap. It also seems a bit too concerned with Pings of Death. Still, that should only be a few dollars to remedy.

Got my tickets back to the homeworld... er... home for a few days at Christmas all settled. Will be nice to experience a few days of a Real Winter. It will be equally nice that it's only a few days.

I've also been making slow but steady progress in FFXI. Started my second job: black mage (white mage was my first). Working on getting things levelled out a bit for the ultimate goal. For this I need to be able to support White Mage until I can get the advanced job I'm interested in. I'm having fun, but the interface is a little annoying; I'm finding it very easy to get ahead of it now, and the flying animation of the menus is a bit gratuitous. It is fun, though.

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Additional: Pictures from MFF are now up.
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