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"Security" - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2003 Nov 25


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Left for home; got on an earlier flight to try to beat whatever bad weather was moving in on Toronto. This was actually a very good thing; the plane I was on was only half full as opposed to the one I was supposed to be on, which was 3/4 full.

Karwood commented at the airport that the security there seemed much more co-ordinated than that at the other American hub he'd been at recently (DFW). I was dubious as I was hustled into a security screening line which just opened, only to be told to go back into another line because they had to restart the X-ray machine. Immediately upon queuing up again, the first machine comes back on-line, and a different set of people gets waved through it. It's amusing how the officials all want me to take my collar off and seeing their expression when I walk through the metal detector without a blip. It's aluminum, you see. Non-ferrous. Verrrry interesting.

An intermittently bumpy hour and a bit of flying and I was home. No trouble at customs; never have trouble with Canadian customs (or US customs usually, either). Got home and connected back to the net only to find a server-stored IM from Augie. Apparently he can get on occassionally from there. And I keep missing him. :|

And thence.... back on to FFXI where I bemoaned the fact that I'm now a couple levels behind one of my better companions there (formerly known in other universes as Coolmint). Of course, this is not news; it's more the tradition really. I made a level and a half before the end of the evening, so I might yet get caught up. Mayyyyybe.

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