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Deaddog - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2003 Nov 24


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The last day of the con. Got a very nifty new badge by Pseudo Manitou and a couple of further sketches in The Book. Including one by Foxfragged; he was very fun to be around. Kovie was, as usual, an excellent tease. One of these days, though, I think he's going to get himself in trouble. One way or another.

Ended up winning one piece in the art show; a birthday present for Augie. He'll like it, I'm sure.

In the evening, the con ran down into Dead Dog mode. Not really a formal Dead Dog party this year though; somewhat disappointing. But still, there was fun as various people refused to let the embers of the con burn too low. The numbers gradually dwindled as the evening went on.

Throughout MFF, I did get some pictures, and I think I will take the sketches and make up some new LJ icons for them. I just need to get all of that done. Things keep coming up, though...

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