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Parties - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2003 Nov 23


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Saturday was another day of running around and doing very con-like things. Dealer's room, art show (a couple of times) and artist alley of course. And lots more hanging around with friends. The evening looked like it might be quiet, but eventually I found a cool place or two, and a very cool group of furs to hang with. Think I'm going to add a couple new places to hang out online as well. Nice to meet new friends. The transactional facet of my mind was intrigued by the rather lopsided scritching to being-scritched ratio that evening. I got fairly universal praise for my ability to turn attendees molten with just a couple minutes of backrub... though I definitely wanted one myself by the end of the night (0430).

I didn't seem to connect with as many of the artist alley occupants this day as on Friday; most were already very busy. Not surprising. MFF was rather larger than I had expected. Not AC or Worldcon size, but larger than last year (apparently). Occupied the hotel nicely, I think.

The con was sharing the hotel with a group of Japanese tourists or business people or something like that. It was amusing how many wanted to be photographed with the con-goers in 'suits. It was exclusively the women, too. Odd.

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