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MFF - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2003 Nov 21


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Getting to MFF was mostly dull. The usual... finish up a day's worth of work in under 6 hours, heda down the street, catch the bus, waltz through check-in and customs. Get on the plane bound for Chicago (even when my destination is not Chicago, many of my flights end up connecting through there, so it counts as fairly usual). The plane pushes away from the gate and conveniently taxis to a disused portion of the airport to sit for 45 minutes while they figure out what to do with all the air traffic at Chicago. Definitely not unusual there. This time, I had my souped-up, Linux-running iPaq along, so I was definitely not bored or anything.

Getting picked up at the airport by Karwood and Socks was not a problem. Which was, I guess, somewhat unlike the last trip that ended at Chicago. (I don't think Furp will make that mistake again next time; of course, next time I will probably fly right into MKE to further alleviate any chance of... mistakes). I hope Socks gets his voice back soon...

The hotel was about as I remembered it from 7 years ago from World Fantasy. Well, not quite. A couple of new walls, and a couple of other minor changes, but the lobby, the room layouts, and the function space was almost identical. Did seem rather newer, so maybe they did reno, but probably spent a lot of effort to make sure it looked the same after as it did before. Still no in-room high speed internet, which is really sucky. This is why I usually try to stay at Doubletree's when possible. Much higher likelihood of ethernet. Or at least wi-fi. Much later I discovered the business centre had reasonable internet. The price ( USD 0.50/minute ) was not worth consideration. The MFF "Internet room" was, as usual for east-of-the-Rockies events of this type: a bunch of text terminals sharing a dialup connection mostly for connecting to the various MUCKs. Maybe for next AC or MFF, I'll do something a bit more formal and guerilla-style APs... Shhhh! You didn't hear me say that.

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