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Lap - Musings of Unayok — LiveJournal

2003 Nov 19


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A bit late, but I should probably mention the weekend prior to MFF. Kareeshus came up from Hamilton to visit. Always good to see him; our personalities share some of the same traits, though we are definitely different; it was a fun weekend.

Ended up doing a little shopping, a lot of movie watching, some talking, a nice dinner (even considering the extra drink I was served in a rather unconventional manner), followed by several more drinks back at home. Xaxoqual and Berner were around for some of it, particularly the last couple of bits. It was, as I said, an interesting weekend.

The week between that weekend and MFF was... not so interesting. A fairly typical week. I got to do some more planning exercises on seeing just what was possible for the next phase of the project. Of course, it's all speculative and makes a whole host of assumptions. So I'm not actually sharing the results of the exercise. It's more an attempt to make me feel better about being able to do this silly stuff a bit better. I'm an architect and coder, damnit. All this fuzzy requirements and effort estimation and planning stuff is like some strange foreign land. Well, not so much any more — I have been doing it for a while now — but it still feels like some parallel dimension and I expect the evil version of me to round the corner into my office some day, pointy hair and all.

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