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Well, a bit of good luck on the dental front.

I went in for the second round of cleaning. One of the bad fillings was badly bothering me. Someone just after the appointment I had cancelled, and I snuck in and got that one taken care of. MUUUCH better. Of course, it made the evening meal (and today's breakfast and lunch) difficult, not being/supposed to/wanting to chew on either side and all. Next week will see that other problem taken care of.

About to head off to Mamma Mia (in its third year in Toronto) with my mother and Z. It's the last night of her trip. So far I think she's enjoyed herself. St. Lawrence Market, the ROM's Art Deco exhibit and various other diversions have filled the days. And, oddly enough... making cabbage rolls.

I have, of course, disappeared at times though, to play FFXI. White Mages are relatively popular, I'm finding, even at low levels. Cure and Poisona and Protect are nice things to have in a hunting party.

Just made the final arrangements for MFF (plane tickets; hotel and pre-reg were done a long time back). I don't have a large agenda for the con; I'm open to suggestions.

This weekend... dunno... Keman might come up, but planning is difficult with him. We'll see. At worst... more FFXI! And Eve, I guess. THough I am having a rather odd technical problem with Eve that makes it complicated to connect to the server (I have to relay through my own collocated proxy), and they're only being somewhat helpful. we'll see. I seem to be saying that a bit lately...

More later (duh, of course).

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